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Our mission is to make all our dreams come true when it comes to hosting events. We have an unforgettable story into every thread that comes with us to create your event.

We are the organizer of the best birthday parties that can evoke a magical collaboration event that turns every parties into an unforgettable and greatest fun.

What makes us the best birthday theme party organiser in Jaipur ?

What is our secret behind years of continuous success? Well, we are good at listening. We spend all the time needed to understand your needs and expectations from upcoming decorations & theme parties events in Jaipur.

We take special care, from doing nothing to make your event a great success, to paying attention to every detail you want-we leave no unexplored options.

Every beautiful birthday theme parties decoration & event is also part of being the smartest event, as we all experience the hassle of saving both you and you.

Manage your birthday decoration & theme parties events, watch your vision come true and forget about your worries.

The first detailed conversation, strategies for potential decoration design work, and the realization of your dreams related to the parties are the main steps we take.

And it's well numbered with terrible executions-that's the essence of who we are ? On the other hand, the results are amazing of Birthday Oye - One Stop Party Planner

We create unique experiences that are not equal for each customer. Like our customers and events, our ideas are unique.

Therefore, if you are looking for a luxurious and luxurious Birthday Theme Party Organiser In Jaipur decor without feeling frustrated about its success, please contact the balloon decorator. Birthday Oye - One stop parties planner, not only meet, but exceed the expectations you have from us.

Realize our art, creativity and innovative ideas of Birthday oye while you sit and spoil all the fun. We are the Best Birthday Theme Party Organiser In Jaipur of theme parties and our best design parties is becoming yours.

Our Team- Birthday Oye Theme Party Organizer

Our service is designed so that the host can enjoy it as much as the guest. Isn't it something you can enjoy at a birthday party?

All you have to do is our innovative balloon design, stunning workmanship, and the ability to create memorable highlights in any shape, style, or size that will amaze you and your guests.

Please let us know what you are aiming for. For half a year, experienced, motivated, devoted and talented birthday parties organizers have completed countless celebrations.

Escape the boredom and worries of everyday life with a perfectly planned your kids party by Best Birthday Theme Party Organiser In Jaipur.

Before hiring us, browse through the myriad of balloon decoration services in Jaipur and other coordination services that will make your parties a success from Birthday Oye team. Our ideas you see are not presented in detail at your party, they will be your story and your ideas.

Our service area in Jaipur:- Birthday Planner In Vaishali Nagar, Theme Party Planner In Malviya Nagar, Party Planner In Ajmer Road, Jaipur | Birthday Organiser In Mansarovar, Jaipur | Birthday planner in Jagatpura, Jaipur | Parties Planner In C- Scheme | Theme Parties Planner in Tonk Road, Jaipur | Birthday organisers In Civil Line, Jaipur | Birthday Organiser In Durgapura, Jaipur | Parties Planner In Jhotwara, Jaipur | Birthday Planner In Bapu Nagar, Jaipur

All we want to do is add magic! Book Birthday Oye’s motto is to celebrate, love, laugh and have fun. We look forward to making the next night a perfect event.

Fast processing:- We do not take much time in understanding your requirements. We process every step at a faster pace. First birthday parties or second birthday party, our Birthday Oye team is ready with various themes. 
Custom party packages:- We do not believe in one size fit all principal. Call us and get a customized parties package based on different themes
Our customer service team gives a quotation for the custom party, and once you give your approval, we finalize the deal. We also use themes based on gender. Baby boy and baby girl themes are different from each other. 
Punctual all the time:- We never leave any probability of mistakes and delay. You share your venue, and we reach there before the stipulated time. Your guest is coming, and your parties planner are still busy with a hanging balloon decoration?
It is a bad feeling. We do not take chances; our team decorates the venue minimum of three hours before the time of any theme party. So that you always have enough time in hand to suggest any minor or major changes. 
Offers, discounts, and referral codes:- We run various promotional offers and discounts to the customer for their benefits. If you give us, a bulk order of more than three parties together, we give you an instant discount of up to 50 percent.
They can share our referral code and can suggest someone use our services. This way, you and the other person get cash backs that you both can use for a future transaction. 
Experience and expertise:- We only hire professionals and trained human resources in our team. Proper in house training is given to them before assigning any live works. Even non-skilled labour has good expertise in organizing themes based party for many. 

Birthday Party Organisers In Jaipur

Birthday Oye Is One Of The Best Option For Party Palanning In Jaipur, More Than 12+ years Of Experience In Birthday Planning Industries.

Your Planning Our Creativity - Hire Birthday Oye To Make Your parties More Memorable

We are letting you know about theme birthday parties because the different themes will increase the enjoyment level of your birthday party.

Different themes will not only make the environment colourful but will also motivate you to enjoy the theme within you.

You people will also dress up according to the theme. Kids will enjoy more because they love colours.

We have started organising birthday party according to different themes for quite long and people also love it.

This is why we are one of the best Event & theme party planners In Jaipur We try to make people enjoy different themes and enjoy the world which comprises the theme.

We have more to offer you

We have not got the position of one of the best Birthday theme party planners In Jaipur with just a few services.

We have a lot to offer you. We make arrangements for other things like game shows, music, clown and other cartoon characters if it is a birthday parties for a child.

We try to make every possible thing that can enhance the enjoyment of a birthday party. We have a group of birthday Organisers in Jaipur who also works for other places like Jaipur.

We are trying our best to hold the position of one of the best theme birthday party planners in Jaipur with are increasing and improving services.

With us now you people need not attend any boring birthday party planner. Let us help you to make your parties rocking and memorable with Birthday Oye

Easy to get our service

To get service from us you need to contact us first. How can you contact us? It is very easy; you just need to visit our website https://www.birthday.com/ and then all contact details will be in front of your eye.

Our website contains our contact number our email id. In our website, you will also get to see the images of our previous works.

Do you have any more queries? Contact us directly. There is another option for you to contact us is to come to our office directly.

Here is the address which you need to follow our Jaipur Office. Are you still thinking? Then don’t think much and visit our office now to make your next event a great memory.

Wonderful and unique ideas to manage and decorate your event at home

The heart balloons are fashionable, example of this is the amount of photos with heart - shaped balloons that are on platforms like Pinterest or Instagram, where such balloons decorate festivals, celebrations and events and Balloons decoration at home.

Today, we show you a selection of photos so that the decoration with balloons does not have any kind of secret for you, let's go there!

Heart balloons decorate

Are you thinking of decorating a special celebration with heart balloons? We give you the keys so you can get it without problems!

Easy and original ideas for Birthday Balloons decoration near me

Decorating a party does not have to be difficult. Simple elements, such as simple balloons, are able to give a touch of color, fun or glamour, depending on the occasion and your tastes.

So that you do not run out of ideas when planning your celebration we propose five easy ways to decorate with balloons.

You have alternatives full of glitter and confetti, ideas to make centerpieces, to celebrate birthdays and create a colorful garland.

A bright touch

A simple idea when making a party is to decorate with balloons covered in glitter. It is as simple as inflating balloons of colors appropriate to the setting of our party and filling the bottom of the balloon with glue or glue.

It spreads well with the hands and the glitter is added. You can put as much as you want. The result is surprising.

Balloon garland

Another alternative is to make a string of balloons to place on and around your sweet table.

You can choose between making a garland of a single color or a multicolored fun like the one in the photo.

You can also add some transparent balloons. Another option is to make several chains with balloons of different sizes to get a surprising decoration.


Birthday Balloons decoration near me, propose an original idea to create a centerpiece. The alternative is to do it with balloons.

We can use balloons of a smaller diameter to be placed on top of the table joined as a bouquet.

To this set we can join other balloons, swollen with helium and of a larger size, to give a feeling of volume to our decoration.

Suspended balloons

This decoration always manages to impress despite its simplicity. You need to balloon balloons with helium.

In the strings you can put, as in the case of the image, a number with the years celebrated by the birthday boy.

You can also add a small photos with images of the honored person, friends, family ... Children will love it.

Balloons with confetti

Among the possibilities that we propose you also is to fill your confetti balloons. Buy transparent balloons and colorful confetti.

You will need a funnel to put the pieces of paper inside a balloon. It only remains to inflate them and enjoy results.

At the end of the party you can click the balloons to create a shower of confetti on the heads of your guests.

Games & Activity

Tattoo Artist | Game Coordinator | magic show |Air walker mascot | puppet show | Air Hockey | Ailr Walker | Angry Bird Game | Airt & Craft |Bouncy | Cotton Candy Floss Counter | Kids Zone Aera on Rent  |Pottery Painting | Kids table & cheir | Popcorn Machine | Train Kids | Columbus ride |Wax Hand Art | Ball Pool | Dart Game | Spin The Wheel Game  |Bubble ACT Show | Bull Ride | Bungee Jumping |Buzz The Wire

Baby shower decoration

Trends of the present age to celebrate adult’s birthday parties in Jaipur

With a little creativity and, above all, wanting to have fun, you can organize an original, fun and innovative birthday party, in which all the guests can experience magical moments.

All this can be achieved just by putting the imagination to work and celebrating the birthday in a different way.

The belief that by turning 30, 40 or 50 years old is an excuse to just have a few beers with friends or organize a traditional dinner is wrong.

With a little creativity and, above all, wanting to have a great time, you can organize an original, fun and innovative birthday party, in which all the guests can experience magical moments.

Theme Parties Planner In Jaipur, Rajsthan gives the latest trends in birthday parties for adults, both decoration and activities, so that this year the guests are speechless and cannot stop talking about it.

The first thing to know when making a birthday party is the magnitude that you want it to have, because, if it is very large, it is advisable to hire Birthday Party Organisers In Jaipur, Rajsthan to help, but if that is not the case, and you want a party with a 100% personal stamp, then this article is perfect.

The decoration of catering, household and real estate is very important and will depend on personal taste or the theme of the party.

You can do very cool things with simple elements. The important thing is that everything is kept in perfect harmony, both in terms of space and in the color palette.

Some trends point towards minimalism, where there are few elements, while others prefer a more ornate decoration. Everything depends on the style of each one.

The decorations with geometric shapes are something that is also super "trendy". Ribbons, garlands and even straight-shaped candies give the party a modern look.

Another material that cannot be missing is the "Washi" tapes of different colors. This original adhesive paper is easy to use and can be used for endless decorations.

Similarly, the tissue paper is also one of the most used trends to decorate a party for its ease to create various forms with it.

On the other hand, theme parties are one of the funniest trends that will continue to be fashionable this year.

If, for example, the person who is older is very fond of the cinema, there is a party for the Oscars, where all the guests must wear dresses, have a big red carpet and give small statuettes.

There are also other options. In the case of fulfilling a round date such as 30, 40 or 50, which often represents a headache, you can organize a party where this number is the protagonist with the intention that the entry to this new stage is with the best possible mood.

Everything that implies decoration such as hats, candles, balloons, garlands and other types of paraphernalia should have the years that are fulfilled.

How To Chose Theme Party Planner In Jaipur ?

Princess Party

Amongst all of our party themes, this quite frankly a girl birthday party favourite. All girls want to be princesses on their birthdays and we have given some of them a time of their lives at their princess theme birthday party.

Most of our inspiration at princess theme birthday parties come from the Disney princesses that girls watch growing up. We have an elegant decoration and princess themed games, merchandises, and even masks for them to imitate their own masquerade ball.

The highlight of every princess themed birthday party other than the elegance and royalty exuded by the princess herself, is the cake. We have a giant cake at a princess themed birthday party.

The decorations are also very light, subtle and yet royal. Many boys also opt of prince themed birthday party. This theme is generally more steeped towards the colour blue unlike the princess themes pink.

The party will have every kind of prince and princess merchandise all around, from cups, plates, napkins, birthday hats, to even prince and princess printed ambience.

At Metro Celebrations, we are one of the leading princess and prince themed birthday party organisers and planners around the Delhi, NCR, Gurgaon, Noida, and Jaipur region.View Gallery...

Disney Party

Disney characters have been our favourites since time immemorial. They have been with us since our fathers and are still with us here and with the children of this new generation.

Disney theme parties are the most fun all around. They have many famous characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Princess Aurora, and many more.

Kids love Disney cartoons and characters because of their funny stories and endearing personalities. We have arranged many Disney theme parties in Jaipur, Rajsthan

The fun things about a Disney theme birthday party is the merchandise that we use at the party. All the things used at the party from balloons to napkins, hats, plates, and etc.

Have lovely Disney characters printed on them. We also have beautiful Disney cake options where you can have your favourite Disney characters.

There will also be Disney themed games and décor, great lighting, and kids’ favourite, Disney themed live characters at your child’s very own birthday party.

Even the return gifts will be Disney designed so that all the other kids can take a piece of Disney and the lovely time they had at the party home. View Gallery...

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is a Japanese cartoon character that has become very famous all around the globe. The reason for this is its cuteness and anthropomorphic personality.

You can see Hello Kitty bags and other school gear everywhere nowadays. Girls are especially fond of Hello Kitty gear.

This is because of its cute girly appearance and the red bow it wears on its head which little girls often identify with.

Hello kitty theme birthday parties are quite a rage for children around Delhi, NCR, Noida, Gurgaon, and Jaipur. In our service area we have organised and planned many Hello Kitty birthday bashes.

The great thing about our Hello Kitty birthday parties is the décor. We decorate the whole venue from lights, to walls, and balloons, everything is designed as per the Hello Kitty ambience.

Even the plates used at the party are very much Hello Kitty themed for our clients.

We also arrange for different kinds of Hello Kitty return gifts for the other children who are invited to the party.

The cake is also designed in a Hello Kitty design to make sure that your kid gets his or her fair share of their favourite character. View Gallery...

Jungle Safari

Kids are often very interested and intrigued by the Jungle and its enigmatic wild animals. The reason for this is the mystery associated with wild animals that often make wondrous stories and folk tales.

This is the reason why many kids want a birthday party themed as a jungle safari. We, at Metro Celebrations, have arranged many jungle safari birthday parties for kids in our service area Jaipur, Rajsthan

The fun thing about a jungle safari party is the décor with the lighting, and of course the music.

Our expert birthday planners and organisers recreate the jungle at the very birthday venue itself. With music that will represent the different animal calls of the jungle and fabulous green décor, it is truly one of the most creative themes we have.

We will also arrange for streamers and balloons with other decorative set ups to make the wild come alive.

There will be return gifts with animal prints and other merchandise at the bash. The cake too will be designed according to the theme and will have various animals on it. 

There will also be jungle safari games, and live bears, lions, tigers, etc. With our Jungle Safari birthday bash, we will bring the jungle to your home. View Gallery...


Doremon is a Japanese anime character that has become very famous here in India. The story revolves around a normal boy, Nobita, who is guided by his friendly robotic cat Doraemon, through the various troubles of adolescent life from crushing on his classmate Shizuna, to being bullied by other characters of the anime series.

The reason Doraemon is so famous among Indian kids today is because of the element of magical reality, where the kid gets a confidante who helps him with his magical technology through thick and thin. This is what attracts all its fans.

Many kids want a Doremon themed birthday bash for their next birthday. Doremon is cute, adorable, and reliable. Our Doremon theme birthday parties have all kinds of Doremon décor and even a Doremon designed birthday cakes.

There are Doremon printed plates, napkins, and return gift merchandise.

Live Doremon also comes to visit the birthday boy or girl for the party, and makes their dream of meeting their favourite robot cat come true.

We have arranged many Doremon theme birthday parties near our service area in Jaipur, Rajsthan View Gallery...

Our Package’s

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F & Q

  1. Can birthday party organizers in Jaipur-Rajasthan cope with a last-minute change of plan?
    Professionally trained birthday party organizers close by have extensive experience managing unexpected situations. Professionally-run birthday parties have emergency plans in place for all of their celebrations. They are prepared to handle any kind of emergency that could arise.
  2. Are birthday party planners in the area in my area offer birthday packages?
    Yes, most birthday party organizers in Jaipur-Rajasthan offer packages to their clients depending on the type of birthday party i.e. whether it's a child's birthday or a teenager's birthday and an adult's birthday. Therefore, if you're under budget constraints or would like to host a lavish birthday celebration, birthday party organizers offer a variety of pricing options for you